≡ The authentic artificiality of cultural appropriation: it’s no nonsense ≡

Author Busisiwe Deyi writes about Cultural Appropriation in Africa is a Country, in the context of the SPUR restaurant chain. Although the text is about this specific brand, the arguments go for other situations.… Continue reading

≡ A letter to Siri Hustvedt ≡

Dear Siri, I read What I Loved while riding the train to work and listening to Bowerbirds, 16 Horsepower and Eddie Vedder. Needless to say, the experience had a great impact and I… Continue reading

≡ No room à l’hasard ≡

Excerpts of Brendan Cormiers’s essay No Interest in Reality, written for The New Institute’s exhibition, 1:1 Sets for Erwin Olaf and Bekleidung, Nov 11th 2013 – March 30th 2014. Full text here. “In… Continue reading

≡ The art of portraiture, by Marina Rosso ≡

I © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from the series Elephant, 2010-12. © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from the series Elephant, 2010-12. © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from the series Elephant, 2010-12. © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from… Continue reading

≡ Beltracchi: turning the art world upside down ≡

Trailer for Arne Birkenstock‘s documentary Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery about Wolfgang Beltracchi’s work and how he managed to fool the art world. Excerpts from the CBS interview with Bob Simon Bob Simon:… Continue reading

≡ This Monday, while cleaning up my bookmarks ≡

I The Guardian‘s gallery showcasing some of their chosen music cover portraits that deserve to hang in a gallery II Giorgio Agamben‘s lecture (in english) on the subject of Resistance in Art, from… Continue reading

≡ the DOG call ≡

Dogs have had a constant presence in my life. Their relevance in one’s life can have huge proportions as does their presence in art. They’re not only present in portraits, partnering their fellow… Continue reading

≡ The Hyères School of Photography ≡

My love for the Hyères Festival is known. I’ve written about it and have featured a great deal of the authors shortlisted each year. The judging panel has been responsible for issuing a… Continue reading

≡ This Sunday, while cleaning up my bookmarks ≡

I A good article by Sola Agustsson @ Alternet: Why the Contemporary Art World Is Insufferable, Corrupted by the Super-Rich II A good book: European Intellectual History from Rousseau to Nietzsche, by Frank M.… Continue reading

≡ Sculpture & Photography: a love affair (part II) ≡

Roughly one year ago I made a post highlighting the love affair between photography and sculpture in contemporary art. The post featured artists that were part of the 2014 selection of Hyères Festival.… Continue reading

≡ My two passions ≡

© Ana Teresa Barboza, Untitled (?). Images via ArtNau. A friend called my attention to Ana Teresa Barboza‘s work (Lima, Peru, 1981). A good friend, I should say, for she knows how I’m drawn… Continue reading

≡ Hunting the Cliché ≡

© António Pedrosa, Untitled, from the series Iraq Slum. Antonio Pedrosa is a portuguese photographer whose work has been highly recognized, both by his national peers as well as by international entities, such… Continue reading

≡ ‘My work is about this, that and the other.’ Well, if you say so… ≡

It’s a given than when writing a statement about your work, you should explain what the process entailed and what you were trying to achieve. But should the artist explain to us what… Continue reading

≡ The way collectors ‘gift’ us with ‘the lynching photographs’ (or should they ever) ≡

On January 28th 2011 I attended a lecture by Anthony d’Offay, held at the Glasgow School of Art. d’Offay is an art dealer, collector and curator who is famous not only for the huge… Continue reading

≡ The problem is the photograph not what the photograph shows ≡

Susan Sontag died in 2004 and that was a tough year for photography. One difficult to forget. In 2004, the images of Abu Ghraib got out and with them started a revolution in… Continue reading