٠ Adrienne Doig and the Cliché ٠

© Adrienne Doig, Feminist Cliché (Dresden Plate), 2012. Patchwork, appliqué and embroidery on linen, 99 x 77 cm. excerpts from Lynn Berger‘s SNAPSHOTS, or: Visual Culture’s Clichés, published in Photographies Vol.4, No.2, September… Continue reading

٠ Adam Lach’s portrait of Stigma ٠

© Adam Lach, Wroclaw 10.03.2013 Poland. Roma girl, Karolina. Karolina escaped from her parents home (from different part of Poland) because of big love to Alex, one of the slums inhabitant. © Adam… Continue reading

٠ The issue may be semantic but… what else is there? ٠

The important thing is that the photograph possesses an evidential force; and that its testimony bears not on the object but on time. From a phenomenological viewpoint, in the Photograph, the power of… Continue reading

٠ The story of Appropriation Art: multiple signifiers, zero significance, one myth ٠

© Andy Warhol, The Shadow, from The Myths, 1981. excerpts from Sven Lütticken‘s The Feathers of the Eagle, published in 2005, in New Left Review, No.36, pp.109-125. “If the culture industry is based… Continue reading

٠ Capitalism and art: the lost sense of space and time ٠

excerpts from Frederic Jameson‘s Postmodernism and Consumer Society, essay produced after a lecture at the Whitney Museum, in 1982. “It seems to the exceedingly symptomatic to find the very style of nostalgia films… Continue reading

٠ The repetition & banality of the snapshot vs the originality & singularity of the fine print ٠

This post is made of excerpts from Lynn Berger‘s article “SNAPSHOTS, or: Visual Culture’s Cliché,” published in Photographies Vol. 4, No. 2, September 2011, pp.175–190. Images from unknown authors, from the MOMA online archive. … Continue reading

٠ The problem with expectations in the context of documentary photography ٠

The short documentary above got me (re)thinking about the controversy regarding Edgar Martins commissioned work for the New York Times. To sum it up, back in 2008, the New York Times had commissioned… Continue reading

٠ Ordinary pictures for a non-ordinary story ٠

© Bruce Weber, Trevon & Maxie, from the commissioned project Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters, for Barneys (Spring 2014). © Bruce Weber, Edie Charles, from the commissioned project Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters,… Continue reading

٠ IT sounds like western music, therefore… ٠

© Wellcome Library, Hearing aid for constant use. Two light cornets of imitation tortoiseshell joined by metal spring forming a head-band. Introduction of this form of instrument attributed to Napoleon’s surgeon D. J.… Continue reading

٠ Locating the (in)authenticities in country music ٠

© Henry Horenstein, Dolly Parton, Symphony Hall, Boston, MA, 1972, from Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music 1972-1981. © Henry Horenstein, Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper, Nashville, TN, 1974. Honky Tonk: Portraits of… Continue reading

٠ ‘What Is a Photograph?’ and why are we still asking the same question ٠

© Marlo Pascual, Untitled, 2010. © Jon Rafman, New Age Demanded (The heart was a place made fast), 2013. © Owen Kydd, Pico Boulevard (Nocturne), 2012. Regarding the exhibition “What Is a Picture?”,… Continue reading

٠ The ‘ancient’ art of cut & paste (using one’s own hands, if you can imagine) ٠

© Christine Gensheimer, Hunde, 2007. Photo-collage. © Christine Gensheimer, Eberhards, 2010. Photo-collage. © Maria Kassab, Fauve. Paper collage. © Maria Kassab, Sans-titre. Paper collage. © Maria Kassab, Slow This Bird Down, 2013. Photo-collage.… Continue reading

٠ Andreas Nitschke and the urge to play ٠

© Andreas Nitschke, from Black Beauties © Andreas Nitschke, from Pro Kopf It was Andreas himself who directed me to his work and I’m glad he did so. I’m always happy to help… Continue reading

٠ The serial love & loss of everydayness ٠

* An elderly couple took a photograph each season in front of their house.

٠ The edible reality of Alicia Rios ٠

© Alicia Rios, from A Temperate Manu (An Edible Garden). Photographs by Jesús Porteros. excerpt from a conversation between Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett and Alicia Rios + Christopher Winks, regarding the work A Temperate Menu… Continue reading