≡ ‘My work is about this, that and the other.’ Well, if you say so… ≡

It’s a given than when writing a statement about your work, you should explain what the process entailed and what you were trying to achieve. But should the artist explain to us what… Continue reading

≡ The way collectors ‘gift’ us with ‘the lynching photographs’ (or should they ever) ≡

On January 28th 2011 I attended a lecture by Anthony d’Offay, held at the Glasgow School of Art. d’Offay is an art dealer, collector and curator who is famous not only for the huge… Continue reading

≡ The problem is the photograph not what the photograph shows ≡

Susan Sontag died in 2004 and that was a tough year for photography. One difficult to forget. In 2004, the images of Abu Ghraib got out and with them started a revolution in… Continue reading

≡ Salgado, Nachtwey and Sontag: to shoot AND not to shoot, is that the question? ≡

Yesterday, after watching the documentary about the work of Sebastião Salgado I found myself trying to give an answer to the question then asked: does it matter if we cry? I think it… Continue reading

≡ Sebastião Salgado by Wim Winders: does it matter if we cry? ≡

© Sebastião Salgado, part of Mondrel Media press kit. © Sebastião Salgado, part of Mondrel Media press kit. The Salt of the Earth (‘Le sel de la terre’/’O sal da terra’) is a… Continue reading

≡ Let’s see what the birds see ≡

© Zhao Renhui, #243, after 321 days, from the project A heartwarming feeling – From Japan to the Arctic Circle, Elephant Island, 2008-10. A bird that was carrying a small pin-hole camera (1.21cm… Continue reading

≡ ‘Photography Threatens Fantasy’, she says ≡

In the lecture showed above (TED, 2009) photographer Taryn Simon talks about the quest for hidden truths. She starts by explaining how the majority of her work “is, in fact, not photographic. It… Continue reading

≡ ‘Futuristic Archeology’ or how the nomadic unit confronts the despotic machine ≡

© Daesung Lee, from the series Futuristic Archeology, 2013-14. © Daesung Lee, from the series Futuristic Archeology, 2013-14. “Desertification in Mongolia- Nomadic life has been central to traditional Mongolian culture throughout history. Even… Continue reading

≡ Multilayered timeframes in Binh Dahn’s work ≡

© Binh Danh, Iridescence of Life No. 22. Chlorophyll print on nasturtium leaf, butterfly specimen, & resin, 2008 © Binh Danh, Iridescence of Life No. 5. Chlorophyll print on nasturtium leaf, butterfly specimen,… Continue reading

≡ Thick as air ≡

© Lau Ching Ping, Secret Police at Queen’s pier, from Last Glimpse of Hong Kong series, 2012. © Lau Ching Ping, Schoolmate on Park Island, from Last Glimpse of Hong Kong series, 2012.… Continue reading

≡ Silence (…) less than 30 miles away from Athens ≡

© Petros Koublis, Semitas, if breathing’s a meadow, from In Lanscapes series, May 2013. © Petros Koublis, Unicorno, And heavens if, from In Lanscapes series, January 2013. © Petros Koublis, Kyma, Because it… Continue reading

≡ The problem with expectations in the context of documentary photography (Part II) ≡

© Giovanni Troilo, J. keeps his gun hidden in a box in the woods of Bois du Cazier. This is more secure than keeping them at home since he regularly gets visits from… Continue reading

≡ It’s never too late to see the world through Antoine’s eyes ≡

© Antoine D’Agata, Mexico, Nuevo Laredo, 2000. For different reasons, I see quite a lot of photographs and bodies of work on a daily basis. What rarely happens, is being surprised by the… Continue reading

≡ There is no such thing as ‘ugly’ in photography ≡

© Christian Berthelot, Leanne, born April 8, 2014 at 8:31 a.m. 1.745 kg. 13 seconds of life. From the Cesar series. © Christian Berthelot, Liza, born Feb. 26, 2013 at 8:45 a.m. 3.2… Continue reading

≡ ‘docile bodies’ and fiery hands: the work of Azril Khairul Ismail ≡

© Azril Khairul Ismail, If asked of my lover, Tell her I have gone, If asked of my mother, Tell her I shall return If Asked of the Police, Tell them I have… Continue reading