≡ Multilayered timeframes in Binh Dahn’s work ≡

© Binh Danh, Iridescence of Life No. 22. Chlorophyll print on nasturtium leaf, butterfly specimen, & resin, 2008 © Binh Danh, Iridescence of Life No. 5. Chlorophyll print on nasturtium leaf, butterfly specimen,… Continue reading

≡ Thick as air ≡

© Lau Ching Ping, Secret Police at Queen’s pier, from Last Glimpse of Hong Kong series, 2012. © Lau Ching Ping, Schoolmate on Park Island, from Last Glimpse of Hong Kong series, 2012.… Continue reading

≡ Silence (…) less than 30 miles away from Athens ≡

© Petros Koublis, Semitas, if breathing’s a meadow, from In Lanscapes series, May 2013. © Petros Koublis, Unicorno, And heavens if, from In Lanscapes series, January 2013. © Petros Koublis, Kyma, Because it… Continue reading

≡ The problem with expectations in the context of documentary photography (Part II) ≡

© Giovanni Troilo, J. keeps his gun hidden in a box in the woods of Bois du Cazier. This is more secure than keeping them at home since he regularly gets visits from… Continue reading

≡ It’s never too late to see the world through Antoine’s eyes ≡

© Antoine D’Agata, Mexico, Nuevo Laredo, 2000. For different reasons, I see quite a lot of photographs and bodies of work on a daily basis. What rarely happens, is being surprised by the… Continue reading

≡ There is no such thing as ‘ugly’ in photography ≡

© Christian Berthelot, Leanne, born April 8, 2014 at 8:31 a.m. 1.745 kg. 13 seconds of life. From the Cesar series. © Christian Berthelot, Liza, born Feb. 26, 2013 at 8:45 a.m. 3.2… Continue reading

≡ ‘docile bodies’ and fiery hands: the work of Azril Khairul Ismail ≡

© Azril Khairul Ismail, If asked of my lover, Tell her I have gone, If asked of my mother, Tell her I shall return If Asked of the Police, Tell them I have… Continue reading

≡ Woman as Object = Fashism (fashion + sexism) ≡

Broomsticks, circa 1960. Tipalet, circa 1970. Badeda, circa 1970. «The demands of fashion for women reveal sexism, for men experience much less pressure to conform to clothing trends. While they are not totally… Continue reading

≡ ‘confession and honest talking-about-oneself’ ≡

Aleksandr Sokurov, Confession. From the Commander’s Diary, 1998 «The confession is for us, therefore, besides “theory,” the most important form in which the truth is said. From Augustine to Francois Villon, from Rousseau… Continue reading

≡ From Edmund Perry to Michael Jackson to Cova da Moura ≡

This post relates three very different events: 1) Edmund Perry’s death in 1985; 2) Michael Jackson’s music video for “Bad”, directed by Martin Scorsese and scripted by Richard Price; 3) events in Cova… Continue reading

≡ ‘Yes; it was a dreadful thing to do, but she had very thick ankles’ ≡

© Jodi Bieber, from the series Real Beauty. © Jodi Bieber, from the series Real Beauty. Reading Oscar Wilde‘s essays can be a trap, for he is first and foremost an hedonist and… Continue reading

≡ (re)Discovering the work of Gregory Crewdson ≡

When I first saw Gregory Crewdson’s photographs, roughly 10 years ago, they didn’t appeal to me. Aesthetically, they still don’t. Throughout the years, in classes and other events, there were various encounters with… Continue reading

≡ ‘Has the Düsseldorf School killed photography?’, he asks ≡

I Professional Photographer editor Grant Scott popped the question and it stayed with me, not only because it is a very catchy headline for an article, as the author notes, but because his… Continue reading

≡ This Sunday, while cleaning up my bookmarks ≡

I all images © Vasantha Yogananthan, from the series Piémanson. “For Piémanson, photographer Vasantha Yogananthan documents the last free beach in France, capturing the vibrant community that emerges on its shores each summer.… Continue reading

≡ John Brill’s Lynchian Universe in photographs ≡

John Brill, Self-portrait, Chihuanhuan Desert, Mexico,1987 (1987-A), printed 2013 Pigment print on rag, with UV-shielding varnish. John Brill, Trish, 2013. Still from video. VHS tape; eight hours. Every Boy’s Dream, 2013. Installation views.… Continue reading