≡ How watching a tv show can bring you back to life ≡

It’s been approximately 90 days since I last made a post on this blog, an habit I used to enjoy. These last months, being concentrated on my PhD thesis, have turned me into… Continue reading

≡ on lockdown to countdown ≡

sketch for a cocoon This is it for a while. I’ll be absent for the next 4 months. At least, I imagine so. As much as I would want to keep up the… Continue reading

≡ Are you sure Jimmy Nelson’s photographs are ‘cool’? ≡

printscreen from iGNANT’s FB There are several photographers traveling to “remote places” with the aim to capture “human nature”, at its wildest form. One of these so-called explorers is British photographer Jimmy Nelson… Continue reading

≡ about men ≡

© Sam Taylor-Johnson, Steve Buscemi, from the series Crying Men. Excerpts from the article Masculinity Is Killing Men: The Roots of Men and Trauma, by Kali Holloway, fully available @ alternet.org: If we… Continue reading

≡ Hedges & Sacco: good journalism can make you sick ≡

A loved one, who knows how I feel about America, decided to gift me with this pearl: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt, by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco. Having learned a lot… Continue reading

≡ Art produced by men about men (?) ≡

Exhibition catalog, 110 × 165 mm, 272 pages, October 2013. A post about a group exhibition themed The Weak Sex – How Art Pictures the New Male, held @ Kunstmuseum Bern from 18.10.2013 to… Continue reading

≡ This Friday, while cleaning up my bookmarks ≡

I Lensmen‘s post about documentary photographer Mitch Epstein. © Mitch Epstein, Topanga Canyon, California 1974 (Recreation America). © Mitch Epstein, Playing Cards in a Chicken Market, Hanoi, Vietnam 1993 (Vietnam: A Book of Changes).… Continue reading

≡ Brendan Ko: I must really love this ≡

© Brendan George Ko, Nine eleven (Detection), from the series We Soon Be Night, 2011-13. © Brendan George Ko, Hoodlumz (New Tribe), from the series We Soon Be Night, 2011-13. © Brendan George… Continue reading

≡ Yes, I Know, it’s a post about Oprah… ≡

James Frey photographed in 1994, shortly after coming out of rehab. In an article by Anna Iatsenko published in Paradoxes of Authenticity (2012), the author speaks about what came to be known as… Continue reading

≡ The authentic artificiality of cultural appropriation: it’s no nonsense ≡

Author Busisiwe Deyi writes about Cultural Appropriation in Africa is a Country, in the context of the SPUR restaurant chain. Although the text is about this specific brand, the arguments go for other situations.… Continue reading

≡ A letter to Siri Hustvedt ≡

Dear Siri, I read What I Loved while riding the train to work and listening to Bowerbirds, 16 Horsepower and Eddie Vedder. Needless to say, the experience had a great impact and I… Continue reading

≡ No room à l’hasard ≡

Excerpts of Brendan Cormiers’s essay No Interest in Reality, written for The New Institute’s exhibition, 1:1 Sets for Erwin Olaf and Bekleidung, Nov 11th 2013 – March 30th 2014. Full text here. “In… Continue reading

≡ The art of portraiture, by Marina Rosso ≡

I © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from the series Elephant, 2010-12. © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from the series Elephant, 2010-12. © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from the series Elephant, 2010-12. © Marina Rosso, Untitled, from… Continue reading

≡ Beltracchi: turning the art world upside down ≡

Trailer for Arne Birkenstock‘s documentary Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery about Wolfgang Beltracchi’s work and how he managed to fool the art world. Excerpts from the CBS interview with Bob Simon Bob Simon:… Continue reading