© Jo Spence, What 1991 felt like… (most of the time)

© Jo Spence, Museum Specimens


© Jo Spence, from: Narratives of Dis-ease, 1990


© Jo Spence, from: The Picture of Health, 1982-86
“I am continually asked, “what is photo-therapy?” [To me] it means, quite literally, using photography to heal ourselves. ..I have been working on my stress and anxiety levels, reviewing my life in general and trying to understand the part that psychic life (fantasy) plays in my well-being, or otherwise…. Ways in which I have used the camera, therefore, include taking naturalistic photographs as things happened to me and around me, staging things specifically for the camera, using old personal photographs as a starting point and reinventing what they mean. The whole technique depends upon expecting photographs to help us ask questions, rather than supplying answers. Using this framework for photography, it is possible to transform our imaginary view of the world, whilst working towards trying to change it socially and economically.”
Jo Spence

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  1. I wrote this post almost 4 years ago so I can’t be sure about what you’re asking. I am always very careful looking for an author’s work and so on, but can’t confirm now without her books around.


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