© Barbara Nitke, Mitch and Tiffany Clark, 1983

American Ecstasy – 1982-1991

“For many years I shot stills on hardcore porn shoots in New York City. I thought it was the most exciting, stomach-turning, heart-warming subject I could ever hope to photograph, and I felt honored to be among the few who got to do it. I know that sounds crazy. But for me there was a feeling of freedom that went with working on porn sets that was intoxicating.”(…)
© Barbara Nitke, Chloe’s New Headdress, 1992

Resurrection – 1991-1994
“By the late eighties, the hardcore porn industry had left New York and moved out to California. People who were serious about their adult film careers moved with the business, but I loved New York too much to leave. I stayed behind and found other things to do. Then in the early nineties, the country developed a fascination for movies about fetishes, sadomasochism, and every other kind of kink. There was a small New York company that had banged out cheap kinky movies for years, and suddenly they were swamped with orders. They began to upgrade their shoots and hired me for their photography.”(…)
© Barbara Nitke, Popsicle Toes, 1995

Kiss of Fire – 1994-1999
“In May of 1994, I attended my first meeting of The Eulenspiegel Society, the oldest BDSM support organization in the country. My friend Rick Savage escorted me along with his girlfriend Allyn, a longtime member. I was enchanted with everyone from the moment I walked in the door. For months I attended their meetings without ever bringing a camera. I knew I wanted to take pictures, but I couldn’t define what it was that so fascinated me.”(…)

Illuminata – 1999-Present
“At a certain point, I felt that I had proven my case for the romantic side of sadomasochism. I had shown in my images that people express love in many different ways, all of which can be very beautiful and compelling.”(…)

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