© Helen Van Meene, Untitled (#77)
© Helen Van Meene, Untitled (#141)
© Helen Van Meene, Untitled (#119)

“The central theme in my work is photographing girls who are at the point of budding into maturity. Girls who are in that stage of their lives in which they become a woman. This theme actually came about quite spontaneously and almost intuitively. It stays close to myself. I can relate to them, I understand them better, I see in them what I once was. Their attitude is still open; they are not really committed yet, they are still playful and open-minded, they still have this touching susceptibility, they are still themselves.

The photographs are not meant to be portraits, which is why they have no titles. It is not my intention to give expression to their personality or state of mind. Nor do I want to sketch a sociological image of contemporary youth or girls at the moment of puberty. I look for a certain mood in the pictures, in which the girls almost figure as actors. As a matter of fact I treat my models as objects which you can direct and guide. They are simply material for me.”
Hellen Van Meene

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