© Lauren Simonutti, Hallway, from Home series
© Lauren Simonutti, Hallway, from Home series

“A house, to which one expects to return but does not, becomes a relic. I stepped out the door one day for what I anticipated would be a moment and did not return for weeks. The impetus for the absence is a fascinating, devastating, poignant and somewhat tragic story, which I will not tell. Upon my return I looked at my home as though it belonged to a stranger. I live a solitary existence so the things I had left, as I had left them, were all that would have remained to speak for me. I wondered what the individuals elected (or hired) to wipe it all away would have thought. So I decided to let the rooms have their say. My house is a work in progress. Tragedy in reverse. It had fallen apart before I bought it. I am falling it back together.”
Lauren Simonutti

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