© Andrea Modica, Fountain CO, 2004 

© Andrea Modica, Fountain CO, 2003

“For more than ten years, Andrea Modica has been photographing a group of children in her rural town in upstate New York. It is here, through a young girl named Barbara and her extended family, that Modica creates her work. Transforming reality into fantasy, Modica creates narratives that seem to have no beginning or end, yet present endless scenarios.

In a fictitious town called Treadwell, Barbara and her friends pose for the photographer, who creates images with an 8 x 10″ view camera. Like Faulkner’s Jefferson County or Cheever’s Shady Hill, Modica’s Treadwell is a place where anything is possible. Through intense collaboration and trust, events unfold before our eyes, questioning our sense of reality.”

One thought on “║ Andrea Modica ║

  1. Sempre que venho aqui aprendo. aprendo com o que nos mostras e com o que vês. Gosto muito disto. É interessante porque depois vou pesquisar. Aqui neste caso, vejo histórias e narrativas além e aquém da fotografia. Fascinante!!!

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