© Birthe Piontek, Untitled, from the Terrain Vague series, 2006 

© Birthe Piontek, Untitled, from the Sub Rosa series, 2006

“Similar to numerous other photographers my first take on photography was rather journalistic. Inspired by artists like Jeff Wall, Philip Lorca DiCorcia, Anna Gaskell and the work of David Lynch my pictures became increasingly staged over the last years.

In order to tell my stories, I frequently use a combination of portraits and stills, which currently constitute the lion’s share of my work.
Two subjects have always been of great interest to me: innocence and adolescence – both of which playing major roles in my latest project Sub Rosa.
The intimate moments captured in Sub Rosa oppose the innocent vulnerability of youth to otherwise rather somber settings. We are confronted with introductions and conclusions of stories from a world we once were privy to – all the while hinting at secrets and revealing none.”

to view Birthe Piontek full body of work click here

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