© Kelli Connell, Private Conversation, 2003
© Kelli Connell, Sunday Afternoon, 2002

“This work represents an autobiographical questioning of sexuality and gender roles that shape the identity of the self in intimate relationships. Polarities of identity such as the masculine and feminine psyche, the irrational and rational self, the exterior and interior self, the motivated and resigned self are portrayed. By combining multiple photographic negatives of the same model in each image, the dualities of the self are defined by body language and clothing worn. This work is an honest representation of the duality or multiplicity of the self in regards to decisions about intimate relationships, family, belief systems and lifestyle options.
The importance of these images lies in the representation of interior dilemmas portrayed as an external object – a photograph. Through these images the audience is presented with “constructed realities”. I am interested in not only what the subject matter says about myself, but also what the viewers’ response to these images says about their own identities and social constructs..”
Kelli Connell

One thought on “║ Kelli Connell (Domestic Scenes – part I) ║

  1. gosto sobretudo deste questionamento de tantos dilemas que fazem a nossa vida (dos papeis sociais do genero, sexualidade, etc). Gosto de fotografia com gente dentro. Gosto do que vejo aqui!

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