© Melissa Ann Pinney, Kanaha State Beach, Maui, 2006 

© Melissa Ann Pinney, Kihei Shower, Maui, 2006
“My photographs are grounded in attentive observation of the world. I have come to understand that such mindfulness is rewarded by pictures more authentic and more mysterious than any I might have imagined beforehand or manipulated in PhotoShop afterward. Family life , centered around my eleven year-old daughter, Emma, and my husband, Roger; Emma’s friends; and the seldom- portrayed relationship of father and daughter; is my subject. A sense of place is essential to my way of seeing.
It is easy to take the familiar for granted and tempting to look to another place or culture for a fresh and more thrilling view. The challenge of working in depth and over many years with the familiar is to find the emblematic, to see with fresh eyes that which surrounds one day to day. I remain intrigued by ritual, the qualities of light and water and the passage of time.”
Melissa Ann Pinney

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