© Ben Gest, Chuck, Alice & Dale, 2003


© Ben Gest, Alan & Noah, 2002
“My pictures describe tenuous moments between people sharing their lives together in their homes. These ambiguous narratives of personal and simple everyday activities describe the way people sometimes disengage from those closest to them. They are an outgrowth of my interest in photography’s potential to tell the story of human life while considering its ability to create objective truth.

These photographs are creations of familiar and perhaps anticlimactic events. The struggle one faces in maintaining a sense of self is made more difficult because those who affect us most are the very people we love. How do people maintain their own psychological self when the physical space between them is so close?”

Ben Gest

One thought on “║ Ben Gest (Group Portrait – part II) ║

  1. só digo banalidades mas isto é tão interessante! Psicologia, pois claro! com a vantagem de não ter de pagar balurdios ;-)

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