caption (image above): © Julie Blackmoon, Birthday Girl, from the series Domestic Vacation.


© Julie Blackmoon, Saturday, from the series Domestic Vacation, 2005


© Julie Blackmoon, Dinner Party, from the series Domestic Vacation, 2005



“I am the oldest of nine children and now the mother of three. In these photographs, I have explored the life of my family and the lives of my sisters and their families at home. These images are not documentary, but, in various ways, a re-creation of everyday moments that reflect not only our lives today, but as children growing up in a large family.

The stress, the chaos, and the need to simultaneously escape and connect are issues that I investigate in this body of work. I believe there are little sanctuaries that can be found throughout any given day, no matter how ordinary, that reveal meaning. It is in finding these moments amidst the stress of everyday that my life as a mother parallels my work as an artist. The struggle between living in the moment versus escaping to another reality is intense, as these two opposites strive to dominate. As an artist and as a mother, I believe life’s most poignant moments come from the ability to fuse fantasy and reality: to see the mythic amidst the chaos.”

Julie Blackmoon


More about Julie Blackmoon’s work can be seen here.

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