© Sage Sohier, Laine trying on Mum’s evening dresses, Washington D.C., 2004


© Sage Sohier, Pat and Mum discussing my haircut, Brookline, 2004


“This is a series about my mother as she ages, and my relationship with her, that I began to work on in a concerted way in 2000.

For a brief period in her youth, my mother was a model, photographed by Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, and once on the cover of LIFE Magazine. As a child, I grew up as a witness to her beauty: I used to lie on her bed, with the dogs, and watch her try on clothes and study herself critically in the mirror. As I grew older, there was no use competing with her, and so I assumed my position, quite happily, on the other side of the camera.

So, this is about the aging family: how some things never change, and others, inevitably, do. Some of these pictures are re-creations of old family snapshots from my childhood. Most are collaborative, made on a tripod with a self-timer. I hope to continue this series, when I visit with my mother (and sometimes my sister) a few times a year, as long as time and mutual interest allow.”

Sage Sohier


More about Sage Sohier’s work here.

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