© Bradly Treadaway, Sick


© Bradly Treadaway, Sick (performance)


© Bradly Treadaway, Sick (detail)

Sick addresses my continuing struggle with cigarette addiction. For almost ten years I have been an on-again off-again smoker, never really considering myself addicted. However in the last year or so my classification as a smoker has been more difficult to define. I find myself smoking more and having less control over the urge.[…]
The photographs form a sequence engaging the urge and repetition of smoking, the very quick and thoughtless process of filling an ashtray and the loss of control while doing so. Making these photographs was a painful experience. Dragging multiple cigarettes back to back as hard as I could to emphasize the smoke was nauseating and exhausting. The process dried my eyes out and made my lungs and throat sore and constricted. Amazingly, I continue to smoke.”

“180 Degrees is a body of work that deals with identity and change. In almost every sense of the word the work represents a fundamental shift from my typical approach to photography. In terms of media, content, motivation, influence and aesthetic, my priorities and intentions have evolved. 180 Degrees analyzes my routines, habits and perceptions. Times past are reflected upon and memorialized. Image and identity are called into question; neuroses, insecurities and imperfections are put on the table for examination. Opinions are shared and supported. Self-expectations are illustrated and however uncomfortable, unfair or distorted, are open for observation.”
Bradly Treadaway

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To access his Master Thesis about the “180 Degrees” Project click here

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