© Diana Thorneycroft, Untited (mask), from The Body, Its Lesson and Camouflage, 1990


© Diana Thorneycroft, Self-Portrait, from The Body, Its Lesson and Camouflage, 1990

“Thorneycroft’s technically beautiful photographs touch on the body as a site for a range of human conditions running from sexual ecstasy to the implications of physical torture. Her images generate a wide range of personal responses from viewers and critics alike because they insinuate a series of perplexing questions about the confusions of gender and sexual practice and the psychic and physical dimensions of anxiety. There has been, from the beginning in her photography, a sense of dark, theatrical play and today it would seem appropriate to call her work “Touching: The Selves” – selves that are at once personal and public, individual and social, sensual and technological.”
Robert Enright

To know more about Diana’s work click here

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