© Elina Brotherus, Le Printemps, from the series The New Painting, 2001


© Elina Brotherus, Scène Domestique, from the series The New Painting, 2001

“Elina Brotherus begins from her own experience: herself, those close to her, and the landscapes she knows. For her, photography’s ‘decisive moment’ is not a split second alignment of people and light, but a passage of time lasting anything from a few minutes to a few weeks. Her self-portraits tend to be made in moments of vulnerability, such as in the aftermath or low-ebb of a love affair. Although carefully staged in domestic settings flooded with cool white light, they remain intensely personal, the artist sometimes appearing naked or in tears. […]

Brotherus describes the relationship between her portraits and landscapes as follows: “I want to provide a perspective on the human being’s emotional landscape, to explore the relationship of an individual to space as well as to other people. The wide open space also functions as a resting place for the viewer, providing room for thought”.”

To see more of her work click here

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