© Jyrki Parantainen, 57 Optional Spots to Crack the Bone, 2004

© Jyrki Parantainen, Alphabet of Possibilities, 2004

“Serie “Dreams and Disappointments” explores man´s physical and psychological vulnerability. Representations of the human body are marked, at their perceived points of vulnerability, by push-pins and attached strings. The strings, pulled tight to a point outside the frame of the image, allude to the presence of an unknown, dominant force.
Events in the images are describing individual´s relation to himself and other people. There are social situations that use to be repeating in human life: the field of understanding or missunderstanding between male and female or the confusion of a child on the front of expectations.
In cinematical set ups they are usually represented in the moment when they are facing their history, future, dreams and their fears.
In spite of the tragical tones of the serie the meaning of it is anyhow strongly to questionize this unsure, random and sometimes even threatening quality of our everyday life. As an opposite, with soft irony, colours, details and visual richness the collection points to the warm and optimistic atmosphere. After all, the meaning of these works is to lead audience to the comforting experience that there is anyhow always a chance to the happy end.”
Jyrki Parantainen

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