© Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête III, c.2007


© Martine Fougeron, Tête-à-Tête IV, c.2007

“This work explores adolescence as a subliminal state, between childhood and adulthood, and between the feminine and the masculine. The portraits, naturally staged, explore the intrinsic interior quest of the adolescent’s journey. I noticed that most photographers portray adolescents as outsiders with a despairing outlook on their world and the world around them. This was not the perception I had of my sons’ lives. I was fascinated by the inquisitive energy, the intense inner quests, the fabulous dreams and ideals, which they exulted. I thought that a calmer, more introspective view of the adolescents’ world could have a fresher resonance, not steeped in sensationalism but in heightened intimacy. My creative process foresees scenes I want to capture. I smell and touch a scene long before I capture it photographically. I have lovingly observed the habits, customs and unique expressions of my two sons and their close friends. My house is a haven for them all.”
Martine Fougeron

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