© Daniel Mirer, Shea Stadium, Players Walkway, from the series ArchitorSpace, 2003


© Daniel Mirer, Shea Stadium, Office Hallway, New York 2, from the series ArchitorSpace, 2003

“The “ArchitorSpace” photographs display a specific interest and fears I have about the banality of spaces such as those of enclosed areas. These places are typologies of contemporary postindustrial architecture that makes the individual so displaced within the uncanny. They are heavy with absence yet entirely familiar and forgotten places. These deserted (non-sites) environments reveal no history or functionality. These deserted environments, are places that architecturally reveal no history or functionality but subconsciously pointing out the familiarity within the redundancy within architectural space. Tunnels, corridors and waiting rooms that exist in the images are the enclosed public arenas in which you are exposed to the scrutiny of others. In addition, they reveal an emptiness that is particularly banal, and commonplace that has become a promenade state of mined in the post-industrial society.

I photograph these interiors from a direct, frontal point of view, at sufficient distance to include the entire space in its flat and melancholic state where the individual vanishes in the glare of fluorescent light. These are architectural portraits, in there seemingly a matter-of-factness, that demonstrate a primary function of the still photographic image: to record. They are spaces in which a room office or corridor is virtually indistinguishable from another, repetition and redundancy collapses into an architectural singularity. A subject who otherwise occupy these spaces are then engulfed into the void of here-could-be anywhere, into the monumental dissolution of space.”

Daniel Mirer

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