© Alec Soth, Fishermen, Wickliffe, Kentucky, 2002

from the series Sleeping by The Mississippi


© Alec Soth, Green Island, Iowa, 2002
from the series Sleeping by The Mississippi

“Alec Soth’s series of color prints explores one of the underlying geographic and identity assumptions that has shaped the American experience. He does so in a manner that projects a confidence and restraint. The result is a body of work that is both compelling and conceptually relevant.”
Tim Wride, Associate Curator of Photography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art 2003


“Alec Soth has a wonderful and terrifying eye. We’ve all seen gritty documentary photography, but no one has ever seen anything like his work! It’s gritty for sure, but it’s beautiful–really beautiful. With most documentary photography, you look at it, sigh, and pass on, but Soth’s work keeps pulling you back to look again because he composes with the skill of the greatest of photographic artists.”

John Wood, Editor 21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography 2004

Much more about this and other works can be seen here

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