© Karen Assaf, Untitled (42), 2007


© Karen Assaf, Untitled (40), 2007


“Keren Assaf is showing color prints of different sizes. She is trying to define in her works the “Israeli”, an utopian model deeply connected to the place, memories and identity. Assaf’s work relates to the family album, a central narrative in the Israeli photography. The photographs depict the Israeli dream of a house in a village, a happy family, a green lawn.

The setting is staged, styled and meticulously performed, while each detail receives the maximum attention in order to achieve perfection. However, Assaf does not strive to represent the dream, but rather to observe, criticize and expose other disturbing sides of this dream that are interwoven with the idyllic picture.”
Source: Noga Gallery

One thought on “║ Keren Assaf ║

  1. Hello
    Do you know by any chance how can I reach Karen Assaf regarding her untitled 40 photography from 2007, I would like to purchase?
    Thanks in advance

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