© Aino Kannisto, Untitled (Trashbin), 1999


© Aino Kannisto, Untitled (White Apron), 1999


“I make constructed pictures. I build fictional scenes which I record with the camera. I myself play the individuals in my pictures. However, my pictures are not self-portraits in the traditional sense. The person in the picture is a fictional narrator in the same way as there are narrators in literature. My pictures are fantasies, I represent an atmosphere or a mood through fictional scenes. Fantasy is a means to speak about emotions.[…]
In photography I have always been fascinated by the physical side of the work, my own bodily presence in the pictures and a careful building of the scenery before the moment of exposure.
Making pictures is for me a way to deal with human emotions. It is also a source of immense creative energy and pleasure – a way to give meaning to life by sharing some part of the world which otherwise remains private.”
Aino Kannisto

More of her work can be seen here

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