© Henk Wittinghofer, Untitled #1, from the series To Feel Male

© Henk Wittinghofer, Untitled #2, from the series To Feel Male


“What does it mean to be a man? Even if this question appears to be rather banal at first, it does allow extensive approaches to explanation. Because, parallel to the rapid change in the role of women which has taken place during the last few decades in society, the image of a man has changed as well. The effects of this role upheaval include almost all walks of life. In the context of my „To Feel Male“ series, I would like to try to bring out how the changing male image is affecting the way of life and formation of personality in young men. What does the traditional image of a man hold against the emancipation movement?. Which characteristics can one ascribe the current generation as strengths, and which ones count as weaknesses? The demands of conveying values such as emotional expertise, sensibility and social responsibility as a modern man, without completely rejecting the original image of man, often leads to internal conflict in young adults. According to this, the models should be suggesting impressions of indisposition and strain, right up to inner turmoil and isolation. I would like to form an impression of their inner insecurity and doubt using the gestures and body postures of the models, which may sometimes appear grotesque and just a front. The pictures are intended to visualise an inspection of their own identity – a form of questioning which most often does not take place in public places, but is of a private nature. For this reason, the photographic models are set up in a personal environment.”
Henk Wittinghofer

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