© Hee Seung Chung, Untitled, from the series Nostalgia, 2004

© Hee Seung Chung, Untitled, from the series Nostalgia, 2004

© Hee Seung Chung, Untitled, from the series Nostalgia, 2004

Moments to remember are just like other moments. They are only made memorable by the scars they leave…From ‘La Jetée’ by Chris Marker.

“Nostalgia derives from a fictional story, created by the photographer. For this project, she is hugely inspired by Chris Marker’s film ‘La Jetée’ and Milan Kundera’s books entitled: ‘The book of laughter and forgetting’ and ‘Ignorance’ where she represents the memory photographically. She has been interested in the way that the photograph has the ability to evoke memories. Memory is always a retrospective representation of past events and in itself never relates entirely to what has ‘really’ happened. The events are always transformed, refracted, and can never be fully understood. She attempts to give visual form to the distorting aspect of the memory.
She confesses that her obsession with memory is related to her present situation as a stranger confused and struggling in a heterogeneous culture, but this is also seen as a cultural symptom, which we are all facing.In relation to our contemporary obsession with memory, Andreas Huyssen, in his 1995 book Twilight Memories: Marking Time in A Culture of Amnesia, argues that ‘memory represents the attempt to slow down information processing, resisting the dissolution of time in the synchronicity of the archive, recovering a mode of contemplation outside of the universe of simulation and high speed information cable networks; claiming some anchoring space in a world of puzzling and often threatening heterogeneity, non-synchronicity, and information overload’.”
Josef Whang

The rest of this text and more of Hee’s work can be seen here

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