© E-J Major, Postcard, from the series Love is…


© E-J Major, Postcard, from the series Love is…


© E-J Major, Postcard, from the series Love is…

“Love is… Three years ago, London-based artist E-J Major began asking strangers to divulge their thoughts on this most profound, yet indefinable subject. The answers, sent anonymously on postcards, reveal richly individual reflections on a universal emotion, both joyful and bitter, some weighty, others flippant. But what is love exactly, other than a much-abused word? The inadequacy of language is central to much of Major’s work, which often takes snippets of source materials—books, drawings, magazine articles, or in this case film stills from Last Tango in Paris—as the start point for her investigations.
The process—her engagement with the materials and where that takes her—is as important to her as the end result, and typically the projects take months or years to complete. For Love is…, she created a high-resolution screenshot of each second of Bernardo Bertolucci’s controversial 1972 classic, making a single postcard from each one. She then hand-delivered the cards to strangers’ letterboxes around London and the West Midlands, with her freepost address on the back, together with a message that asked recipients to return it with their thoughts, as part of “an enquiry into love”.
Simon Bainbridge

To read the full text click here

To see more of EJ’s work click here

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