© KayLynn Deveney, Untitled, from the series Edith and Len, 2000


© KayLynn Deveney, Cat on Bed, from the series Edith and Len, 2000

“I began photographing Edith and Leonard Crawshaw shortly after they moved from their flat into a Welsh nursing home. Following a broken hip and an extended hospital stay, Len required more care than than he had previously. That combined with problems such as negotiating stairs, the occasional burned saucepan and Edith’s failing eyesight, finally led to the move. Len went from the hospital straight to the nursing home, and Edith went with him. At ages 93 and 92 respectively, Edith and Len then found themselves spending the vast majority of their day in their one room at the nursing home, where they would sit together, eat together and sleep together.”
KayLynn Deverey

© It’s worth reading (besides seeing) everything about this work.

More of KayLynn’s work can be found here

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