© Joy Christiansen, Sunday School, from the series Remembered, 2006

© Joy Christiansen, The Unexpected Departure, from the series Remembered, 2008

“The inspiration for this series came from the interviews I conducted during another project, titled Family Gathering. While collecting information for Family Gathering, I interviewed adults who recalled their experiences with eating disorders. In several cases, I interviewed families who had descriptions of specific events dramatically different from each other. This began my personal process of revisiting my own childhood memories and recalling what I remembered as truths and what could have been ‘learned’ through family photographs. This investigation into memory and truth is what inspired the series.
This current body of photographic images are large-scale color narratives. These staged photographs recall childhood perceptions and dramas from an adult view with adults as the actors. These playful yet eerie images offer an insight into phobias and anxieties of my childhood. Memories inspired by fights with my younger brother, birthday disasters and snowball battles are subjects that are explored often using the same childhood friends as models.”
Joy Christiansen

To see more of Joy’s work click here


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