© Marrigje De Maar, Tollonjoki, Wanja, Russia, from the series Home Made


© Marrigje De Maar, Venray, refter, from the series Time Out


© Marrigje De Maar, China-Zhaoxing, old farmer, from the series Rambles (people)

Time Out consist of pictures of rejected spaces. The structure of these buildings may still be sound, but the inside is considered “economically worn out”. These interiors seem no longer fit to house any succesful enterprise. For these buildings an anxious time of waiting has began. Hopefully somebody sees a new life for them and is willing to invest in their restauration. But time is running out and demolition is imminent.
For me there is a parallel to what happens with older people in our work force.

Home Made is about private (accepted) spaces.
Private spaces are intimate spaces. They form a safe environment, shielded from the outside world. People use their private spaces – consciously or unconsciously –as a way to express something about themselves. In this way these personal spaces can be seen as portraits. Self portraits created with the help of daily necessities, tactile memories and the embodiment of dreams.
Marrigje De Maar

To see more of Marrigje’s work click here

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