© Lien Botha, Inside the House the Mother did not Build, from the series White Stick for the Artic, 2008


© Lien Botha, Border Crossing, from the series White Stick for the Artic, 2008

“In the series, White stick for the Arctic, the female body — which one assumes is her own — is masked in each image. Sometimes it has the head of an animal, sometimes it is covered with a lace cloth (or shroud?).
This enigmatic figure is placed in otherworldly landscapes caught between the states of dreaming and waking. The narratives of each piece are unfathomable, but intriguing.
Environmental degradation, loss of the individual and the passage of time are threads which link them in a strange, melancholic universe, which harks back to the unexpected juxtapositions of surrealist artists.
If photos could wail, these would do it.”
Carol Brown

To see more of Lien’s work click here

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