© Risk Hazekamp, Under Influence/Catherine Opie, from the series Under Influence, 2007


© Risk Hazekamp, Superman, from the series Straight from Berlin, 2007

“This tension between the biological and the social -or even aesthetic- is echoed in other new works such as “Superman”. The eponymous logo stencilled onto a female chest mainlines its point about our individual body in contrast to what we feel about it or how we might actually want to look. And, interestingly for Hazekamp’s artistic development, together with the other works in the new series, it does so with a more gritty, faux documentary style that we associate with both Berlin underground cultures and German art photography. If femininity -whatever that means- has still not penetrated the flesh of Risk Hazekamp, it seems that the history of her new home certainly has.”
Ken Pratt

To see more of Risk’s work click here

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