© Rodrigo Braga, Communion 1, from the series Communion, 2006


© Rodrigo Braga, Communion 3, from the series Communion, 2006

“From diverse works in such way made, result hybrid images, where distinct components become close to each other without never have being fully integrated in something unique. Images where the discomfort of the body in the world is not attenuated in no instant, being, in contrast, emphasized. In more recent works, however, the decisive proximity between culture and nature stops to be the obvious reference of Rodrigo Braga’s photographies to become an implicit question that motivates the work of the artist. In it, there is not anymore the ostensive presence of his body, but only the presentation of scenes that suggest – because of the tense silence that marks the suppression of forms of animal life – the immeasurable pressure to which the contemporary being, in its pretension of unicity and sovereignty, is submitted the entire time.
Moacir dos Anjos

To see more of Rodrigo’s work click here

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