© Ángel Marcos, Landscape 21, from the series Landscapes, 1997



© Ángel Marcos, Landscape 11, from the series Landscapes, 1997

“From an isolated photograph one could say that it is set in a heterogeneous network of principles, almost as abundant as the straight lines passing through a geometrical point: the possibilities of interpretation are indefinite, and the selection of one rather than another would have to be based on motives that are “external” to the given positive phenomena. However, when the photographs are presented to us as a set – three points already define a circumferance – the ideological principles enveloping their different elements can be determined in a more internal, less gratuitous manner.
It is true that the overall examination of a numerous collection, such as that of Ángel Marcos, could lead to the danger of gross or merely rhetorical generalizations. Nonetheless, we do have a way of avoiding this danger: it is sufficient to remember that a set, from a logical standpoint, is always a “set of sub-sets”, the cardinal number of which is a function of the cardinal number of the basic set. And the value of the latter, in proper hermeneutics, can only be established after contrasting the values that could be attributed to each of the sub-sets of the corresponding overall set or collection; and none of them can, a priori, be considered privileged. The hermeneutic task faced by all who aim to interpret a collection of significant photographs, such as those of Ángel Marcos, is by its very nature protracted, and certainly could not be carried to a conclusion on the present occasion.”
Gustavo Bueno

To see more of Ángel’s work click here

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