© J. M. Ballester, Vista desde el hotel, 2005

© J. M. Ballester, Ciclista a contraluz, 2005

“If we cannot change the world, at least we can change the way we see it.”
José Manuel Ballester

“Ballester’s attitude towards his subjects is neither critical nor approving. It is observant and pensive. The stillness of the spaces he photographs is as palpable as the light that filters through them. It is as if the artist is putting the brakes on the speed of a technology changing so quickly we have no time to stop and ask where it is going and for what reason as we scramble to be the first to jump on the train before it has even departed. Norbert Weiner defined cybernetics as “the human use of human beings.” Today we are not so sure whether advances in technology necessarily mean progress or a new dark age characterized by dependency on a fragile system controlled by the few and used by the many.
Nicholas Metivier

To see more of Jose’s work click here

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