© Naia del Castillo, The Magpie, from the series Offerings & Posessions, 2005

© Naia del Castillo, Archery, from the series About Seduction, 2002

© Naia del Castillo, Untitled, from the series About Seduction, 2003

“The evolution of her work is focused on the relation of woman to her physical and psychological environment. Concepts such as intimacy, seduction, home, domesticity, tradition and body are present in works that surpass the limits of photography and, to a certain point, redefine it. On the one hand, the dresses and many of the objects appearing in the photographs have been created, sewn, thought-up by the artist, to dress the models, to build their images; oftentimes these clothes and objects are exhibited together with the images. On the other hand, sculpture and that sense of arts and crafts traditionally viewed as characteristic of women, such as sewing, are at the origin of her dedication to art. In earlier series she amply developed themes such as the relation of woman to her everyday surroundings, to domesticity, to her mate and in a very subtle way, to sex and she later explored aspects of seduction and domination exercised in relationships.”
Rosa Olivares

To see more of Naia’s work click here

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