© Giles Revell, Eamonn McCabe, Portrait photographer, from the series Photofit

“All portrait photographers focus on the eyes – when you set up a shoot, you make sure that there is light in that part of the face. But actually, the hair can be just as important. You get to a point in your career when people know who you are yourself, so you start to have a shave before you go on a shoot. Does that make me vain?Eamonn McCabe

© Giles Revell, Duncan X, tattooist, from the series Photofit

“I am not that good on faces. I often don’t recognise people when they come into my shop – I will only remember their names when I see their tattoo.Duncan X

“There are no photos in circulation of Jacques Penry, the man who invented the Photofit, but from what he wrote in his books, you would guess that he might have looked a bit suspicious. (…)
Photofit is tactile: you can touch the individual parts with your own hands and move them about until things click into place – it’s like creating a puzzle. And it is immediate: there is no person standing between you and the final picture. We managed to track down a male and female kit from a Police Museum in Kent and invited a number of people to assemble their own Photofit self-portrait in Giles’ studio in Clerkenwell. The end result, we think, is curious. Each portrait tells a story: it speaks of the hang-ups, insecurities and vanities we all have about our own appearance. They hint at how deceptive our relationship with our self-image can be. Jacques Penry claimed that he could deduce a person’s character from their face in an instant. If nothing else, we hope that this project shows how the connection between persona and personality is a lot more complex than that.”
Giles Revell, Matt Willey & Philip Oltermann

This full project can be seen as a pdf here
More of Giles’ work can be seen here



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