© Astrid Kruse Jensen, Green Street, from the series Imaginary Realities

© Astrid Kruse Jensen, Kasse, from the series Imaginary Realities

“By focussing on its less familiar aspects the space suddenly becomes alien. The elements we usually use to find our bearings are either hidden or distorted in the ‘artificial’ light. One of the results is that the viewer can begin to doubt the scale and dimensions of the image, as in Kasse and an image like Train Stop when seen just after Miniature World. Are we in a miniature model universe or the real world? Kruse Jensen’s photographs thus also question how we sense and experience our surroundings with both our bodies and our eyes. Her camera has ‘body’ – this is not a superficial gaze. Yet the images don’t only deal with the outside world at a phenomenological level. Their scenic quality also explores how space itself [architecture, fixtures, landscapes, etc.] influence the ways in which we interact. Her staging of a space reveals patterns of movement and social power structures not normally visible.
Louise Wolthers

To see more of Astrid’s work click here

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