© Astrid Korntheue, Horizont 12, from the series Horizonte, 2007

© Astrid Korntheue, Glör 35, from the series Glör, 2003/2004

© Astrid Korntheue, Ushuaia 3, from the series Patagonien, 2004/2005

“Trapped beyond time and the change of the seasons, the earth covered in leaves, glazed frost shimmering on scrawny twigs, here and there a new leaf in a timid shade of green appears while reflections on the auburn leaves of the trees glinting out of the background like fen fires of a long since forgotten tale. They lure the viewer into their midst, feigning a different world beyond the veils of fog. “What before seemed beautiful and friendly”, the young photographer Astrid Korntheuer (*1979, Schwelm, G) explains about her series Glör (2003/04), “turns a menace in the blue hour after dusk”. The magically atmospheric series of nature photographs evolved in a temporarily vacated reservoir, where then wild vegetation spread vastly throughout that area formed and cultivated by men, only to sink back into disappearance again – on the series’ last takes only the treetops are left to creep out of the re-flooded valley’s black water like long, bony fingers. (…)
In one of her latest series, Patagonia, the jagged relief of a mountain top blurred with mist reaches into an overclouded sky, patterns of grassy moulds, bony bushes and slopes covered in short scrubby weed recall a dream of the edge of the world. Structures, forms and shades taken for granted and unappreciated string together on the photographs’ velvety surface while gristly trees seem to converse in deep and sonorous voices. The magic of those places, the longing for a world beyond Astrid Korntheuer captures in rich detail with her large format camera communicates to the viewer, invites them to leave behind their everyday worries and thoughts, to delve in dreams…
Katharina Klara Jung

To see more of Astrid’s work click here

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