© Marianne Engel, Lunar Eclipse, 2008

© Marianne Engel, W, 2005

© Marianne Engel, V Room, 2004

“Like a hunter, Marianne Engel usually takes her pictures at night when it is quiet and still outside. Nature and seemingly deserted houses are of her favourite subject matter. In her images, Marianne Engel captures a mood that is normally hidden from us, offering a transitory glimpse into another reality. Marianne Engel only uses scarce light sources such as an occasional flashlight or the light of the moon and the stars. This unassuming and low-tech approach to photography gives Marianne Engel´s work its casual beauty. Caused by the long exposure time, Engel´s mysterious interpretations of nature and architecture are very crisp images whose colours she occasionally enhances in her studio. “I instinctively discover these images on my night walks. They reflect my personal reality. It is as if I find something that has been lost and hidden in my unconsciousness.”

source: Rotwand gallery

To see more of Marianne’s work click here

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