© Vlatka Horvat, Ladder, from the series One-on-One, 2006

© Vlatka Horvat, Goal, from the series One-on-One, 2006

“In my work in general, I’m interested in presence—a person in relation to space and objects in it—how to inhabit space, how to negotiate ‘being there.’ In different ways I often depict encounters between a person and a physical location and the objects there. Often these focus on very simple, quite basic activities, such as hiding, searching, sheltering, ordering and organizing. The work is also preoccupied with the question of how we make sense of ourselves in the world, of having a body, of having contradictory desires and impulses, of wanting too much. In the Hiding images, this contradiction is revealed in that the attempts to be there are not to be there at the same time. For me, the idea of presence is always a kind of a problem, something uneasy and strained, which has to do with our desire to be revealed and known, while at the same time confronted with the fact that you really can never fully achieve either of those.
In all of the photo series I’m my own performer, but I’m not interested that she be read explicitly as me, with all of the particular psychology or autobiography that would come with that. I think of my own body in the work as a kind of a test pilot, a demonstrator, a stand-in, an example of a body and a person. Without the face as a marker of recognizable identity, the sense of the protagonist’s identity emerges from her encounter with the world and the way she seems to approach activities. With the head being gone, the body is where the experience of the world is located—the body becomes a “thinking body”—and by extension, the sense of getting to know the world (and oneself) comes from the body, from this embodied experience.”
Vlatka Horvat, interviewed for That is That

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