© Clark & Pougnaud, Virginie, from the series Tribute to Edward Hopper, 2000

“We were fascinated by the composition, the lighting and the settings of Edward Hopper’s paintings.
We were not aiming to reproduce his paintings by rather to let ourselves be inspired by them.
We approached this reverently to avoid disturbing the apparent order.
We chose actors to pose for these photographs because they know how to bring life to immobility and also because our sets resemble stage sets.”

Clark & Pougnaud


© Clark & Pougnaud, Storyville, from the series Intimacy, 2003

“It may seem paradoxical to try to capture intimacy in a photograph. It might seem an impossible feat to “reveal” modesty, yet that is what we attempted to do. Each model unveiled her feminity, her intimacy according to her own criterion of modesty.”

Clark & Pougnaud

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