© Sibylle Fendt, from the series Uneins


© Sibylle Fendt, from the series Uneins

“For her photo series „Uneins” [At Odds, 2001], the photographer Sibylle Fendt created portraits of five people whose things have become too much for them, who can no longer organize their environments – people known as pathological hoarders.

Their chronic untidiness can extend even to the total neglect of their personal hygiene; they compulsively collect valueless, used and worn out objects and can no longer distinguish between what is important and what is unimportant. From a psychological perspective, this external chaos is a symptom of their mental scarring. Under the piles of newspapers, old electrical appliances, clothes, paper and yoghurt tubs, they carefully guard traumatic histories. On the one hand, the objects they have collected protect sufferers from dealing with this traumatic experience; on the other, they block their access to other ways of dealing with their trauma.

In her photographs, Sibylle Fendt does not merely investigate the damaged relationship that hoarders have with their environment; she uses three different perspectives – photographs of the neglected houses and apartments, of the sufferers in their homes, and portraits concentrating on the people themselves – to examine these personalities and the blockages in their lives.”

source: C/O Barlim

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