© Aaron Hobson, Far Away, from the series Femme Vérité, 2009


© Aaron Hobson, Subterranean Encounter, from the series Even Darker, 2007

“Where does the image begin for you: the setting, the character, a story you’re trying to build?

Definitely the setting. I try to find a location that has interesting natural lighting, stand there for minute, then return to my beaten-up 2001 Hyundai full of old clothes, a shovel, empty wine bottles, duffel bags, McDonald’s bags, and choose what I think might work. It is very spontaneous, almost instinctual. I like to keep the storylines minimal and leave that part to the viewer’s imagination.

How much inspiration does “Cinemascapes” draw from specific films or directors? How much from your own life or where you live?

Hardly any of my images draw from a particular film or director. I did however grow up on movies, television, and computers and was inspired to bring the same appeal that those media deliver—to people of my generation and younger—using still images.

Essentially my cinemascapes are autobiographical. I just tend to exaggerate or embellish my memory of what happened or where it happened. Those that know me well, know that I embellish a lot of things, not just my life’s story.”

excerpt from an interview by Rosecrans Baldwin for The Morning News

To see more of Aaron’s work click here

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