© Karin Borghouts, Untitled, from the series Saga, 2005


© Karin Borghouts, Untitled, from the series Saga, 2005

“Many stereotypes are creations of the mass media, tourist bureaux or some other someones. Among Karin Borghouts’ photographs is one of a viewing platform placed on top of a hill. Had Borghouts been carried away by her pre-existing images of Japan, she may have photographed the view from atop the viewing platform. After all, the view from there may have been recommended as a splendid one, or may present a distinctly Japanese prospect (or one purportedly exemplary of that area, as defined by some somebody). What Borghouts photographed, however, was the path leading to that viewing platform (paved in concrete and lined with plants to left and right), the viewing platform itself and the scene in which it lay (well-tended lawn, safety fencing to the rear, outdoor lighting fixtures). Here is the very image of contemporary Japan: clean, safe, managed down to the minutiae with seemingly pointless solicitude. While this may not be unrelated to her stereotype of Japan, it seems more accurate to call the scene she discovered a new archetype of contemporary Japan.”

excerpt from an article written by Mikiko Kikuta. To read the full article click here

To see more of Karin’s work click here

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