"Catherine", 95x121 cm, c-print, 2003

© Anoush Abrar, Catherine, from the series Californication, 2003

"Marianna", 95x121 cm, c-print, 2003

© Anoush Abrar, Marianna, from the series Californication, 2003

“The film studios, the celebrities, the entertainment capital of the United States- the state of California revolves around the film industry and its success. Projecting an image of fame and fortune, beauty and happiness, Hollywood draws people like a magnet.
I started this photo project in Los Angeles because I wanted to get as close as possible to the young people who flocked to this city seeking fame and fortune. The main idea was to focus on women ? the hopeful starlets and models ? because, as opposed to the men, I felt that they have more opportunities for success through appearances in TV shows, TV advertisements, lingerie campaigns, and erotic calendars.
In a world where maximum media exposure is akin to success and image is everything, any and all television, magazine, cinema, and Internet coverage is important, sought after and in a sense, vital. Running from casting to casting, appearing on shows and getting their photographs taken, these women will stop at nothing to be noticed.
What are they ready to do to achieve their dream? How far will they go to achieve celebrity status? Who are these girls that come from all over the world. What drives them? What do they look like? Through body care, excessive aerobics, gym visits, and even plastic surgery, they try to create the perfect image that caters to the whims and demands of the cinema and star industry.
Following the casting trail, I easily established contact with some of the models I portray in these images and found others by creating a casting call on the Internet.”

Anoush Abrar

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