9. Beltrán (2007)

© Javier Marquerie Thomas, Beltrán, from the series Flight of Fancy, 2007

10. Vivian (2007)

© Javier Marquerie Thomas, Vivian, from the series Flight of Fancy, 2007

“Flight of Fancy; to daydream.

Between the impetus of infancy and the inertia of maturity. “The best years of our lives”. Years envied, idealized, over rated. An extensive cloud of anecdotes. An accumulation of memories without a clear continuity. In retrospect, a “phase”. During puberty, we are conditioned to successfully confront the “real world”, but instead we live in a disoriented fantasy; hybrid between something that really has been and a tale.

My mother tongue, apart from Spanish, is English which lead me to being an English teacher. A few years back one of my classes was with two businessmen. We had one-hour classes, twice a week. I was twenty, they were sixty; married, with children and one of them with grandchildren. I was going home to a mattress on the floor and pending bills to pay. The irony of this all seemed somewhat funny, mostly however, it saddened me. Not because of the mattress, this I liked, but because of the realisation that I was now a grown-up. From one day to the next that desire for maturity had turned into something tangible and the image I sought of my self was no longer so pleasant to carry.

Flight of Fancy is a catalogue of characters, fictions conceived as sociological documents of a transformation period. After that leap towards utopia: that is adolescence, we land by inertia into a scripted role, only to find a fiction completely alien to out smattering of adulthood.

Inevitably, in the current, we remain.”

Javier Marquerie Thomas

To see more of Javier’s work click here

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