© Philip Toledano, Untitled, from the series Days with my Father


© Philip Toledano, Untitled, from the series Days with my Father

Toledano’s Days With My Father began as a web-based photo journal with texts, cataloging a poignant series of photographs of his father after his mother’s death with accompanying texts by the artist. The resulting work is an intensely powerful, heartwrenching and yet hopeful glimpse into his personal journey with his father, as they struggle to make sense of the latter’s gradual loss of memory as well as their remaining time together in the world.

I began shooting ‘Days with my father’ about a year ago, several months after my mother had died.
The purpose became clearer, as the project progressed.
It was to make a ‘still film’. An abstract assortment of linked recollections.
My father’s stories, and how he tells them. Aspects of personality that shine through the dim twilight of his fading memory. And new sides to him that have emerged, hidden for years in the strong shadow of parenthood.
I want to record all of this, before he goes. To document the love between us, and by reflection, the love we both had for my mother.
Since I’m an only child, this is best way I know of having a conversation about the death of my parents. I’m talking to myself, and I’m talking to the whole world.”

To see more of Philip’s work click here

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