© Benjamin Orion rush, Kelvin, from the series Field Notes: Statements & Sketches


© Benjamin Orion rush, Kelvingrove Hall, from the series Field Notes: Statements & Sketches

“New England-born artist Benjamin Rush presents selections from two new ongoing bodies of work in “Field Notes: Statements & Sketches”. Central to the exhibition are images created in museums, libraries, and galleries both in the US and overseas. With a large format camera he seeks out surreal compositions of not only the display of these institutions, but also of these authoritative spaces in states of undress and change. The images stem from Rush’s fascination with the idea of knowledge, and the governance that possesses, frames and presents it.

The “Sketches” portion of the exhibition appear as selections from a body of 170-and-counting images that Rush has taken with a 1960’s Polaroid Land Camera. Rush says: “My life these past few years has been very unsettled and hectic, this more casual approach to image-making keeps me considering my environment. I’m always fascinated by how things look as photographs. I was curious how my interests and aesthetic might become evident without any particular intent across a large group of images taken over many years.”

These images describe Rush’s connection to the art and history of photography on many levels. “Frankly, I sometimes wonder if I’m just addicted to the way this particular process smells and behaves, ” he says. “Obviously it’s almost immediate but, unlike digital, when you peel the print open – the print is wet and fragile for some time, it’s a very tactile experience”.”

Source: Dakota Ridge Gallery

To see more of Benjamin’s work click here

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