© Kudász Gábor Arion, Candle, Olimpic Park, from the series Green Area, 2006


© Kudász Gábor Arion, Urns, Farkasrét, from the series Green Area, 2005

“Looking at a map, parks are nice little green squares in the body of the city. They can be looked at as areas for future developments: factories, shopping centers and housing projects.
During a period of two years I documented decaying public areas in and around Budapest – before more profitable investments swallow them. I also tried to discover Wilderness on these footholds.

Parks are places of joy and revitalization. Parks are designed to evoke an imaginary view of the Garden of Eden, but urbanization is quite about the opposite. Cities were invented to escape the forces of Nature by creating controlled and calculable surroundings. In such an enviroment a park is a heart of nostalgia even if its origin is not natural in any way. Parks were created by people to simbolize the idea of Nature, but conquered and stripped from its forces. At the same time refugees who proved to be unable to fit in the new environment, or who are expelled from society, start to inhabit the green areas.

Some return to a place of voluntary exile, the artificial Paradise.”

More of Kudász’s work can be seeb here

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