© Sara Rahbar, Flag #15 With these Eyes, fromThe Flag series, 2008

© Sara Rahbar, Untitled #10, from the series You are safe here with me, 2008

“We left our woes behind, with only echoes of our previous lives remaining. Seeking continuation, time and refuge, human beings attempting to survive our selves, our lives, and our present locations.

My work is my story told, it is a direct reflection of the constant questioning of the who I am, what and where is home, and why I am here. It is the mirror image of my life, my geographic locations, my history, my present, my environments and my memories.

Metamorphosing and transforming for the means of surviving it all, our foundations lay, but our houses have burned to the ground. Building castles in the sky, for a species that cannot fly, brick by limb we tear it down. Thinking that we are moving forwards, yet moving backwards all along.”

Gajar woman and golden toys, we wait for dawn.

Artist Statement

More of Sara’s work can be seen here

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