© Richard Ansett, Woman with electric cap #2, from the series Judging a book by its cover, 2008

© Richard Ansett, Sasha, from the series Judging a book by its cover, 2007

“We are a product of our environment, in dress, behaviour and body language. All aspects of personality are shaped by the social and political landscape.

The myth of the documentary tradition is that it is truthful but what we see is tainted by personal experience; whilst the locations and people are often ‘real’ the combination of imagery and style are inventions, they are subjective elements brought by the photographer.

How personal experience affects living space and the complex relationship between subject and camera are key components but the images do not offer a clear narrative.

The images are not a result of a democratic process; the subject is complicit but it is not collaboration; it is the exploration of the subject free from the confines to represent them in a positive light. A beauty can come from capturing something human.

The emotions within us are manifest in a momentary glimpse of the lives of others. We are fascinated by examples of others’ lives but this is merely an exploration of the limits of ourselves.”

Ansett was adopted from birth and has no knowledge of his genetic or social family history.”

artist’s statement

More of Richard’s work can be seen here

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