© Yeondoo Jung, bewitched #06, from the series Bewitched, Tokio, 2002

© Yeondoo Jung, bewitched #11, from the series Bewitched, New York, 2003

“In his 2004 series of portraits “Bewitched,” which takes its title from a well-known American sitcom of the sixties that gained wide popularity in Asia as well, Jung interviewed local adolescents about their dreams and visions of the future and then recreated them in photos. The series is a slide installation that shows a pair of portraits of a single subject; one is from the present real, the other is from the subject’s dream. Jung’s adolescents, as though under a magic spell cast by a sixties TV housewife who is in reality a witch, are transported from their mundane daily lives into splendid fantasy. The first portraits, staged in the large Asian cities of Seoul, Beijing, and Tokyo, were inspired by the artist’s desire for a profound glimpse of unfamiliar places. Since then, Jung has included works created for exhibition in New York, Istanbul, Liverpool, and Amsterdam based on his chance encounters with subjects in these cities and during his constant travels. From chance encounter to friendship comes the realization of a dream. The photos also document the collaboration between artist and adolescent subjects in the detailed staging of their dreams. More than just photos, for Jung the cooperative process is the essential. What distinguishes his work slightly but importantly from late nineties installations that emphasized viewer participation in the production of a work is the personal relationship that results between artist and subject. Photography is the catalyst of Jung’s relationship with his subjects. The photo of a dream, in fact, makes the viewer wonder, “What if this was me?” This is a new development in relational art through the medium of photography.”

Yukie Kamiya [Chief Curator, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan]

More of Yeondoo’s work here

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